Bruce's Reel Deal will transfer your 8mm and Super 8mm film to a digital format using top of the line equipment matched with the knowledge and care you expect of someone handling your memories. We will transfer your film to a digital format, edit and return it to you in the media of your choice.

Are you tired of getting out the

  • Projector

  • Rolls of film

  • Projector screen

  • Finding a dark room

  • Watching and then rewinding each reel



A DVD is convenient to view and copies can easily be made.


Your family film that is sitting in the closet is getting older each year and may be getting brittle. If you are like most people, you haven't watched the film in years because it is such a hassle to get out the projector, watch it in a dark room and then rewind each reel. Would you like multiple copies of the film so that you can give one to each of your kids? How about an edited version that only shows the interesting stuff and not the entire travel log of your vacation. Let us put your memories into an easy to use format such as a DVD. We can add title pages showing names, dates and places and we can install background music.

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