There is a long history to the making of movies and methods of recording action. Following is a brief timeline of the various technological changes that have affected the individual movie maker. Each change in technology overlaps the next change by many years as the new method gains acceptance.


Thomas Edison introduced 35mm film while he obtained the actual film material from George Eastman. This began the era of the Nickelodeon.

Thomas Edison


Eastman Kodak produced 16mm film as a format for personal use.

16mm film


Eastman Kodak released 8mm film that was less expensive. This film started as a 16mm width with perforated holes running along each side. The film ran through the camera in one direction and then was reversed and the other side was exposed. During development the film was slit down the entire length and ended up as a 8mm width.

8 and super 8 picture


Eastman Kodak started producing Super 8 film which became the choice for home use due to the ease of handling the cartridge that held the film. An additional benefit was that the perforated holes were smaller allowing the frame image to be larger.

Super 8 camera 8 and super 8 projector


The VHS format was released to the public and entered a long battle with Sony's Betamax format. VHS won the battle and became widely used throughout the 1980's and 1990's.

VHS tape


Digital formats became available and DVD's appear.

DVD disk

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