PRICING - 8 & Super 8 Film



  • Make sure that you have either 8 or Super 8mm silent film.

  • Calculate the amount of footage that you have.

  • Decide on Option 1, 2 or 3 as explained below.

  • Choose whether you want titles and/or music.

  • Pick a media that you want the video transferred to and how many copies you would like.

  • Add shipping costs.


8 or SUPER 8 mm

We handle 8 and Super 8mm film that is silent. Both 8 mm and Super 8 mm are slightly less than 3/8 inches wide. At the right is a picture of both types of film.

dimesions of film



8mm and Super 8mm film will be found on either plastic or metal reels. When the film was originally purchased and shot it was on 3 inch (50 foot) reels. Therefore, if you have larger reels then someone spliced several individual reels together. It is common for the larger reels to contain several different themes and/or time frames. Because of this, we offer different options for editing. The chart shows the footage for various diameters. Pricing is based on the cost to transfer each foot.



of reel

of film
3 inch 50 feet
4 inch 100 feet
5 inch 200 feet
6 inch 300 feet
7 inch 400 feet



Put your film in a box and send it to us and we will transfer it to a DVD and return it to you. If you number the reels ahead of time we will transfer them in the order specified. Pick this option if you know what is on the film. Music and titles may be added at an additional cost (see below).

$0.15 per foot


Put your film in a box and we will put the film on a DVD with a numbered transition (blank page) in-between each reel of film. We will send the DVD back to you along with a form which you will fill out while reviewing the sample DVD explaining to us which segment (reel) should be in which order. We will then remake a DVD with the various reels rearranged and the blank title pages removed and send it back to you. Your feedback is required within 21 days of receiving the first DVD since we are unable to retain your file indefinitely. Pick this option if you have several reels of film and you do not know what is on each of the reels, yet you would like the DVD to play in chronological order. Music and titles may be added at an additional cost (see below).

$0.15 per foot plus $40.00 per DVD


Similar to Option 2 except that we will put a transition (blank page) in-between each major scene change, even if this occurs in the middle of a reel. There is a maximum of 20 title pages per DVD which would be approximately one every 3 minutes of viewing if evenly spaced. Your feedback is required within 21 days of receiving the first DVD. Use this option if you would like to add title pages to introduce the different segments, rearrange the segments or delete segments and generally end up with a movie that is self-contained and does not need someone to narrate in order to understand the who, what and where of the movie. Music may be added at an additional cost (see below).

$0.15 per foot plus $80.00 per DVD


Titles in-between reels can be added with either option 1 or option 2. For option 1, please down load the Order Form ahead of time and submit it along with the film. With option 2 the form would be returned when giving feedback for sequencing the reels. Titles are included in the pricing above for Option 3.

Music also may be added with option 1, 2 or 3. With option 1 the music choice would be made at the time of ordering and with options 2 and 3 the choice could be made when reviewing the sample DVD.


The cost of adding titles is $25.00 per DVD (Maximum of 20 titles).


The cost to add music is $25.00 per DVD.




  • DVD
  • miniDV
  • External Hard Drive

The DVD is the most common and convenient method to view your movies. It is also easy to replicate if you want multiple copies. One DVD holds 4.7 Gb which is one hour of movies. The DVD may be viewed on your TV via your DVD player or may be watched on your computer using any of the common viewers such as Windows Media Player or Quick Time. If you choose a DVD as your media then the first one is included in the option cost and additional copies are $10.00 each.

The miniDV tape holds 12.9 Gb of data as an .avi file. This is enough information to hold one hour of viewing. An .avi file may be viewed on your computer using one of the common movie editing packages such as microsoft movie maker. The .avi format should be chosen if you want to edit your own movies. You must have a method to play miniDV tapes. If you choose the miniDV tape as your media the first one is included .

External Hard Drives come in an almost unlimited number of sizes and shapes. A relatively small one will hold 100 Gb and cost around $100. Units are available many times this size. The data will be stored as an .avi file and may be edited and viewed on your computer. The cost of this option will be determined on an individual basis. Please contact us.



If it fits in a box (12"x 12"x 6") then we will return ship any place

in the continental U.S. for $15. The shipping method will be

by ground.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will be $25 plus insurance.


Multiply your footage times Option 1 or Option 2 or Option 3 cost.

Titles (optional)

Music (optional)

Media (DVD, miniDV or External Drive)

Additional DVD's ($10.00 each)






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